RhinoInterior Easy

What's RhinoInterior Easy

RhinoInterior easy is the entry-level version of the software, it consists of an archive of over 500 articles regarding many types of furniture and objects that can be inserted within the Rhionceros 3D to create the project of kitchens, bathroom furniture, bedrooms, ecc.

Who is Rhinointerior for...

RhinoInterior was thought for decorators, designers, architects, furnishers, and for everybody that needs to have a specific software, and at the same time simple to implement high-quality projects, both from the technical point of view for the realization of production cards, both for the management of the project in commercial field (for example: quotes, orders, or photorealistic rendering presentations).

How does it work:

RhinoInterior Easy works in the environment of Rhinoceros, using its most common commands, and combining features useful to the verticalization of the software as part of furniture.

Definition of information level Budget/order
The interior design includes almost always the need to present the best project through the definition of a whole series of information accompanying the project, such as the customer's name, finishes generic furnishing, as well as the constructive details.
The screen Budget/order that appears at the beginning of each RhinoInterior project , It allows the user to store in a totally simple and guided this information, which will then be used in the process of recall of the elements to be inserted.

Inserting items with customization of materials and sizes
RhinoInterior Easy allows the user to call up from a series of screens summary, the items needed for the project realization. During insertion, the characteristics defined in the header of furniture quote can be changed for that specific article, allowing the user to manage a lot of versatility with the characteristics of the project to be implemented.

Automatism in editing items
After insertion within the working environment, Article inserted can be changed through the tools that RhinoInterior offers. The special function "Edit Item", It allows you to call the setup screen of that specific article and editarne changing both in construction and in the finishing materials.

Prints for budget/order and prints of the production list
At the end of the design, you can print the list of items to project, as well as define the cost of preventive. There are also numerous prints for the management of production lists.

The archives within RhinoInterior Easy are pre-set.
For those who need to use own archive you need the addition of modules in the Pro version RhinoInterior.

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